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A wide variety of disposable medical devices, component parts, various hospital supplies, disposable kits and surgical procedure kits are available. An extensive range of products suitable for use in all age ranges from Neonate to Adult in many clinical departments including Intensive care, Oncology, IV Therapy, Anesthesia, Surgery.

♦  If cannula                                                     ♦  Extension lines      

♦  All types of IV and transfusion sets        ♦  Nebulizer with  mask              

♦  Nasal chathers                                             ♦  Prociser

♦  Suction sets                                                  ♦ Blood donation chairs

♦  Latex surgical gloves                                  ♦  HME Filters        

♦  Flow regulators                                           ♦  Injection sets         

♦  Needle less connector                                ♦  Spinal needles   

♦  Finger  pulse oximeter                               ♦  Air mattress       

♦  BP monitor                                                   ♦  Digital weiging scale     

♦  Adults diapers                                        

All the above mentioned items are from companies based in Italy, Germany, UK, USA and Canada.