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R & D Divisioning

Electronics has all along made valuable contribution in the field of medicine. The quality and availability of health care are becoming increasingly dependent on radically new diagnostic, monitoring, and prosthetic instruments provided by electronics some examples being from a simple thermometer, blood pressure measurement instrument, stethoscope to the high end MRI machine. Medical Electronics is a specialized discipline which integrates engineering with biomedical sciences and clinical practice. The miniaturization of electronics devices and integration technologies is leading to development of new electronic medical devices for measurement of physiological variables for use in diagnostics, therapy and monitoring to improve the well-being of the population. Thus, the impact of electronics on health care is now a widely accepted fact. Health care may indeed present the most promising opportunity to improve the quality of life in our society through electronics. In the coming years, there will be greater demand for medical electronics in the country with the Government programmes like National Rural Health Mission which aims to provide technology at grassroots level.